Blue Box Leader Programs are targeted at groups of leaders and/or teams to drive specific business improvement initiatives at scale and speed. The programs enable leaders who are stuck in today’s paradigm to use their leadership discretion to:

  • Develop clarity on the context surrounding a new strategy and associated business improvement initiatives.
  • Scope, plan and then execute the business improvement initiatives by more effectively leading, teaming and building/leveraging their organization’s capabilities.

For example we have partnered with our clients on the development of programs to:

  • Turnaround a failing project to implement an enterprise wide IT platform involving multiple teams and geographies.
  • Re-engineer an in-house restaurant development / construction department to increase its output by 50% p.a.
  • Enable a marketing director to rapidly on-board a team (10) of new executives tasked to implement a new marketing strategy and the organization capabilities required to underpin their success.
  • Enable the supervisors (100+) of customer facing teams to build an operating culture of ‘customer centricity’

Highly skilled facilitators deliver the Blue Box Leader Programs via Desert Oak’s innovative applied learning environment. The building blocks of the learning environments are:

  • An integrated curriculum to leverage the client’s existing strategy, plans, change management initiatives and organization processes
  • ‘Learn-do-learn’ conceptual frameworks and tools
  • Workshops to build ownership of the case for change and develop leader execution skills
  • Leader as Coach’ tutorials to entrench both leader development and the business improvement initiatives
  • Targeted one-on-one coaching


For more information on Blue Box Leader Programs please contact Pepe Newton on 61 (0)412548703 or email