Six levers to maximize value creation across your Restaurant Franchisee Business

Multi store Owners Operators can:

  • Build an aspirational organization that makes your business a great place to work
  • Create a customer-centred restaurant culture
  • Optimize your organization structure and business management systems to meet your business needs
  • Develop leaders who can manage your restaurant operations, not just run shifts
  • Grow high-performing restaurants teams that consistently deliver a great customer experience
  • Future proof your business by investing in your talent pipeline.

Developed by Desert Oak, the Big 6 framework is the result of 10 years plus experience working with large McDonald’s franchisees in Australia, Country Licensees in India and Saudi Arabia and McDonald’s Australia and Asia Pacific.

Why the Big 6?

While the same McDonald’s business system underpins operations at every restaurant, individual restaurant performance can vary widely. Why is this the case? It’s because it’s the value you build on top of the McDonald’s restaurant system, that makes the difference.

Using the six levers you’ll be able to design and build an effective and profitable organisation that maximises the value you create from each of your restaurants.

How will you and your organization benefit from using the Big 6?

You’ll get:

  • A clear aspirational vision for your business that your people sign up to
  • A customer centered store culture and operations mindset across all platforms and day-parts.
  • The management and people systems and reward programs in place to the grow capability and performance to deliver great customer experience
  • A profitable and sustainable restaurant franchisee business

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