Career and Life Coaching

for Senior Executive

The client:

Our client was a very senior executive who had spent many years in global roles in the finance sector both in Australia and overseas. Over the years he felt he had made a great many sacrifices, none greater than substantial time away from his now grown up children.

The Brief:

He was looking to map out a personal and career plan for the next 5 years that included career and life transition points.

Our approach:

At Desert Oak we approach life skills and career coaching from a holistic perspective. A first step for this client was to undertake an exercise in self-reflection and assessment. For example, we know that one of the things that busy people often underestimate is the mental stimulation their work provides. This ‘value’ is often overlooked because the individual is experiencing a lack of clear life or career direction and/or fatigue with their current role. Once our client had completed the self-reflection exercise, we worked with him to build a personal stakeholder plan. This required engaging with significant others in his personal sphere, as well as coaching from Desert Oak on how to have a transparent conversation with his employer about future options.

Surprisingly, our client ended up doing the exact opposite of what he originally had thought. He rejected the non-executive director offers he had received and ended up staying overseas with his current employer in a new role. His wife also moved overseas to accompany him.