Board Effectiveness Review

for one of Australia’s Largest Banks

The Client:

Clients were the Chairman and CEO of one of Australia’s largest banks. The CEO had been in the role less than a year and was undertaking a major change program. The Chairman and CEO had a great working relationship.

The brief and approach:

The brief was simple. The Chairman wanted to ensure that the board was meeting ‘world’s best’ standards, a goal it had set itself. Both the Chairman and CEO wanted make sure that the Board/ Executive interface was highly productive.

We took the approach that the board needed to play a primary role in deciding how it was to be reviewed. We advised that the board needed to be reviewed both as a single entity and together with the senior leadership team, as two parts of a single system. Additionally, the collegiate nature of board operations needed to be taken into account in all aspects of its review with the approach taken being one of evolution, not revolution.

The outcome:

Over a three-year period we advised the Chairman and Board on how to systematically review and improve different aspects of their operations:

  • Clarity on the contribution, role and work of the board
  • The capability and contribution of the board directors
  • The contribution of the board overall as seen by the leadership team.
  • Expectation setting and effectiveness of the board / leadership team interface
  • Role and contribution of Secretariat
  • Meeting effectiveness – agenda, decision making, information flow and board papers

The program was rated by the Board as an outstanding success.