Australian Company Operating Quick Service Restaurant Chain

The client:

Our client manages a franchise network of over 900 restaurants.   Many of the franchisees are multi store operators with between 3 and 7+ very high volume restaurants. The franchisees employ supervisors to manage the day-to-day operation, where the restaurant culture has traditionally been driven by quick service enabled by a focus on process.

The Brief: improved profit through customer centricity

The client has embarked on a strategy to capture a slice of the rapidly growing ‘fast casual’ market. These consumers expect a more customer intimate approach characterized by greater choice in food and a more intimate dining experience.   We developed a scalable Blue Box Leaders Program to help the supervisors create a customer centric restaurant culture to support the ‘fast casual’ strategy. To date we have delivered the program to approximately 80+ supervisors.

Our approach:

Desert Oak created a unique curriculum and learning environment to enable the supervisors to work with their teams of restaurant managers on building a customer centric restaurant culture. A critical first step for the supervisors is to undergo a mindset shift by looking at their business from the ‘outside in’ so they could understand the needs of the new ‘fast casual’ customers.

To transfer this learning back to their businesses, a series of workshops interspersed with ‘learn-do-learn’ exercises and tutorials were used.

The program is highly successful at building sustainable customer centric restaurant cultures and delivering better financial returns for the company.