To help our clients win in today’s dynamic world we develop innovative and client specific solutions to embed transformative change in their organizations. Successful transformative change requires a ‘mindset migration strategy’ to enable people and stakeholders to leave the old way of doing things behind and move to the new way of working. Without this it is difficult to achieve and sustain innovative and agile organizations.

Any organization can change the way it does things. What enables organizational change is the right strategies embedded in the fabric of the organization and practiced repeatedly. At Desert Oak we use our Leader Led Change Model to help our clients successfully develop, communicate, plan, embed and practice transformational change.

Align on Direction – Creating a transformation strategy story to inspire others

One of the essential attributes of a transformative leader is an ability to translate a complex scenario (e.g. a new technology, economic and social change, a different belief system) into a contextualized, goal-orientated ‘strategy story’ that others can understand, believe and follow.   For us the strategy story is the starting point of a successful transformation program to help your people, customers and stakeholders understand why change is needed and how they will be affected.

We work closely with the CEO and the executive team to clearly define the story content, in particular the case for change and the work required to implement and drive transformation. We then ensure the leaders are able to contextualize and communicate the strategy story to their area of the organization.

Leading and Teaming – To engage others

As transformational change is done in parallel with the day-to-day operations, this significantly increases the demands on leaders at all levels. Desert Oak advises the leadership team on the appropriate scale and speed of change and how to manage additional demands through effective leading and teaming.

Define, Plan and Build Organization Capabilities – To embed transformation

Without a well-defined strategy story and a clear transformation plan, employees can mistakenly believe that everything in the organization (including their job) is ‘in play’. This misconception alienates employees from active engagement in the change process and can distract them from the day-to-day operations. This can knock the organization off its operational axis and lead to unnecessary degradation in performance.

To avoid this Desert Oak assists clients to define and build the organization’s capabilities (organization design, leadership, systems and processes) that underpin the future transformation.

Finally, we work with our clients to ensure an effective transformation plan is built and the leaders are able to effectively communicate the ‘what, when and how’ of the change process.

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