At Desert Oak we advise Chairman, CEOs and leadership teams on how they can create, deliver and capture value through building dynamic cultures where their people can thrive.

Our clients use our Executive Advisory services because they face complex new challenges or entrenched problems. We help our clients discover new and innovative solutions and provide a sounding board to help them bring their own ideas to fruition.

To help clients to create a dynamic culture, Desert Oak uses our Leader Led Change Model to:

  • Convert strategy into a highly contextual ‘strategy story’ that aligns and motivates the organization and it’s external stakeholders
  • Use the strategy story to determine the business initiatives that are crucial to deliver the strategy
  • Define the right leader, team and organization capabilities such as governance, management, people systems and processes
  • Focus on how the CEO and the senior leadership group lead, team and create effective organization structures.

Our clients are often the leaders of established companies facing the complex change management task of how to improve a well-established business model. Others are emerging organizations pursuing high growth strategies. All face the complex challenge of balancing the running of day-to-day operations while at the same time dealing with the dynamics of change and /or growth.

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